Kelly howell

Mindset and Meditation Coach, Author, CEO Brain Sync

Kelly is a 6-time national bestselling audio author. With an audience of millions, she is a leading voice in the fields of healing and mind expansion.
She's also co-author of Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age, recommended by The Mayo Clinic Health Review.

Kelly is a pioneer in meditation, self-help and behavior modification audio programs.

In 2006 she launched Theatre of the Mind Podcast and became the #1 Self-Help show in iTunes. And she is the creator of the MeditateMe app.

As a long-time consciousness researcher, and meditation guide, Kelly has inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals to find their power to heal, transform and succeed.

She guides and teaches science-based meditation at legendary retreat centers, corporate summits, online and live seminars. 

Kelly howell

Mindset and Meditation Coach, Author, CEO Brain Sync

To enquire about Kelly speaking at your event email:

To enquire about Kelly speaking at your event email:

What they're saying...

"Kelly Howell's Brain Sync technology is the medicine,
psychotherapy and medication of the future. She is a visionary for the 21st century whose healing technologies I recommend regularly to clients."

 — Lara Honos Webb, PhD

"Kelly Howell is a masterful guide in helping to integrate body, mind and spirit. In an age where life is becoming increasingly hectic, her meditation training is invaluable."

— Larry Dossey, M.D., Author,
The Extraordinary Healing Power of
Ordinary Things

"For over two decades now, Kelly Howell's work has been a powerful force for positive change. She has managed to be on the leading edge of innovations that can truly help to transform our lives so that we fully realize the wonderful, creative, powerful beings we really are. She has helped thousands of people improve their lives, and even for many people, realize their magnificence!"

— Marc Allen, Author, The Magical Path

"Kelly Howell is one of the world's leading innovators in the practical application of brainwave technology. Her programs provide an elegant way to recalibrate brain patterns and reap the benefits of long-term meditation."

— Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Mapping

"After only 18 minutes of meditating with Brain Sync, we've seen patients reach deep levels of meditation that would normally take 18 years of practice to attain."

— Drew Pierson, Ph.D., Biofeedback Researcher

"Kelly's meditation techniques have allowed me to go deep into the theta state to experience blissful states of ethereal relaxation. From greater health to greater wealth, Kelly has led the way for me to absorb and transform."

—  Shane Dieter

"I am forever grateful for Kelly’s meditation teachings and technology. She helped me find great peace during the most challenging times in my life. I still turn to her meditations for remembrance and renewal! If you’re thinking about taking this course, think no more! You’ll get the most powerful and effective tools there are to upgrade your life."

—  Angel Razza